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My father was born in Arano (Navarra) and my mother in Hernani (Gipuzkoa). I live in Ereñotzu, halfway between those two places. In the valley where the river Urumea threads its way. These are the images that come to my mind every time I think of my home, my origins, wherever I am, here or on other side of the world. These are the images that we have inside, those that shape our character and our identity.


Like the stories they told us at home: how our great-grandmother met the Lamias (Basque mythological creatures, women with duck feet who lived in rivers) in a small rettery hidden in the forest, in one of the tributaries of the Urumea river, and how she fished trouts with her own teeth.


With this work I am carrying out an emotional and personal research of the Urumea River. I have built cameras with cans and I have put them in the river, leaving the hole which the light goes through just a few centimeters above the surface of the water. In this way I wanted to put the camera in the eyes of the river.


The river is not a place, the river is a living being.

Making of

This is the line of work I would like to follow in the residence in the Polish city of Wroclaw in August and September 2017. In this case from the point of view of a foreigner and in an urban context. I would like to ask the Odra River how it sees the city and ask the citizens how they see the river, as it seems to be a very important geographic, experiential and emotional element that configures the city and the people. I would like to develop an integrative and participatory project about the city using the river as its axis. Also collaborate with local musicians,  and build music instruments with using cans,  and use the river water to create a soundtrack accompanying the project.