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I would like to relat to Odra River for what it is: a living being that has been a patient witness of the development of the Wroclaw city, its day to day, war, flood and rebirth. I would like to give Odra the gift of vision and help the river to photograph the city. I have been placing pinhole cameras built with the use of metal cans on the water surface, just as i did it at home, with the Urumea River.

For this project, for the first time I also have experimented with colour analogue paper in my cans. I wanted to explore the nuances of natural sunlight, what are its qualities in Wroclaw during the summer, and how it works when it comes into direct contact with the surface of analogue paper, what is its mood.

The project has been performed with Michal Litwiniec. My cameras have been the eyes of the river, and his instruments made of water, metal and cans: its voice.

Apart from that, I  developed an idea for stirring up activity of the inhabitants of Wroclaw. I invited adults and children to photograph there sites, spaces and surroundings of the river that were and still are important for them. We built cameras out of cans and made pictures with them. Many images where taken sice there has been a significant number of places by the river they are feeling emotionally attached to.

The voices of the participants where recorded, explaining why they chose those places. I have made a video that documents the whole process: the making of the photographs from the river, the workshop,  the photographs that were made in the workshop and the testimonies of the citizens of Wroclaw.

The project was developed thanks to the artistic residence that Air Wro and Etxapare Institutua coordintated for the months of August and September 2017. The work was shown in an exhibition at the end of the residence in the context of the conference City and Culture. The exhibition took place in Akant, in an old carpentry of the city.