The objective of the workshop is to develop a photographic work connecting with what we had to say. We will reflect on rigidity and flexibility and rely on intuition and improvisation to rescue and analyze what comes out of that exercise. We will educate and feed our eyes with works of other photographers and naturally we will shape our project.



In workshops of 6-8 hours we build cameras using reused cans and will go out to photograph the environment. It is a simple, primitive and manual technique that allows to understand in a practical way the basic principle of photography. It also allows playing with all the circumstances and accidents that may arise in the process, creating many times surprising effects. We work in a spontaneous and dynamic way leaving the doors open to the unexpected.


The workshops adapt the content to the context in which they are developoing, creating specific content to each place and need.


Some of the workshops that have been held so far:


Museo San Telmo San Sebastián, with adults and children, all together:





Students from Hastings School Madrid.



Workshop with adults, at the festival Argazkialdia of Oñati.