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“Everything stays in step with the rhythm of fire, water and earth. No one dies in Varanasi. Dying is another way of being alive. Here sad stories and tragic rituals are suspended. Time stops paying tribute to the past, it becomes pure event. Eternity that fits completely in the look. Eternity of air and skin, of sound. All at once.


I don´t know if tomorrow the sun will rise, round and red. Strange are the evils that human beings make up. And death is so simple.”


Text based in the book ´Diarios Indios´ by Chantal Mallard.


This work was carried out in several trips made to India between the years 2014-2017. For this project a camera was built using a box of matches. This camera was built with a ´technical error´, so that it always makes blurred images. Is is actually impossible to get focused pictures or any sharp and clear edges or shapes with it, and therefore, light and colour are the only means of expression that can be used for the project. Fire and sun are very important elements in religions and myths around the world, certainly also in Hinduism. The sun beams go through the matchbox as if they were a torch at full power, and the camera welcomes that light without any intention to decrease or modify it.  Gran Canaria Foto 2017 has selected this work to show it in the festival that will be held in November of 2017 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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