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Hysteron merges fragmented bodies of women. The project is a reflection on the relationship between women. What relationship is created between the members of a collective that have been equally conditioned and subjugated? Are any kind of bonds of solidarity ever created? Or power relationships and competitiveness are actually the ways in which women relate to each other? The images reflect this tension. The images were built using cans of five kilos of tuna with four holes, which create fusion between the bodies.


A multidisciplinary performance supports the 12 images of the project.  This performance combines live music (instruments such as bass, malimbas and maracas made of olive cans and percussion built of rice and tomato cans) with movement-dance and texts.

Small spot of the performance

The elements created for this  performance were published canned, in collaboration with the publishing house Banizu Nizuke.

Hysteron lata

. Music: Aida Torres, Mariano Hurtado, Beñat Iturrioz.

. Body expression: Txaro Untzilla.

. Texts: Danele Sarriugarte, Gorka Setien.

. Engraving: Ramon M. Zabalegi.

. Serigraphy of the engraving and inscription by hand in the cans: Okene Abrego.

. Recording of  sound pieces: Karlos Osinaga, in the studies of Bonberenea.

. Design and publication: Pablo Salgado (Banizu Nizuke), Nagore Legarreta.

. Photographs: Nagore Legarreta.

Hysteron musikariak

Musicians with instruments built with cans.