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This book comprises the first series of photographs I made with a pinhole camera : azokak (markets ) , monumentuak (monuments ) , hondartzan (on the beach ) , itsasertza ( seashore ) and 360 °. For each series of photographs a different writer was asked to write what the series suggested him/her . Therefore, along with the photographs we can find texts of Gorka Setien, Haizea Arregi, Lainon, Juanbau Erauskin and Mikel Peruarena. The photographs were taken between 2009 and 2011.


The book EDIPOTOA was published in December 2011. The 200 copies that were published sold out in a few months. Banizu Nizuke reissued the book in spring 2014. This second edition was designed by designer and illustrator Ramon Martinez Zabalegi.