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Blocked wanted to convey my feelings around certain ways of ordering large cities and towns. I was born and raised in a neighborhood of blocks that were built in series. All are the same. In the 80s, factories needed more and more workers and there was a great population displacement towards these neighborhoods. Nowadays, these type of construction is still being developed, but currently this fact is more closely linked to speculation than to the real need of housing. In our country, many of these new buildings are actually empty.


I feel a great disorientation when all the spatial references in a place are regular and identical. No matter if you go right or left, forwards or backwards, it always seems that you are in the same place.


These images are made with a can of tuna of five kilos, and a casserole-oven. Both cameras have four holes each. They merge four different images at the edges, so that some sort of  decomposed buildings are created.